söndag 15 januari 2017

Reply from Minister Wallström. Or rather, one of her minions.

Hello Stefan,
Thank you for your e-mail to Foreign Minister Margot Wallström. I work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Minister's Office and has been asked to respond. Ministry and Ministers receives every year large volumes of letters and e-mails, making the answer might be. I'm sorry you had to wait for a response.
First of all, I regret that your family suffered during World War II. The heinous acts carried out against Jews must never be repeated.
The foreign minister do not feel bad about Jews or Israel, it is a wrong idea. Margot Wallström has since she first made a visit to Israel, worked against anti-Semitism and some of her oldest and closest friends are Jews. The government pursues an open, free and inclusive society where all people can feel welcome and safe. The government takes clear distance from anti-Semitism and will continue to tirelessly fight its manifestations and grounds, as well as other forms of xenophobia and intolerance. Something such as Foreign Minister, together with Interior Minister Anders Ygeman underscored earlier this year in the following debate article, http://www.regeringen.se/debattartiklar/2016/01/kampen-mot-antisemitism-och-rasism-ar-standigt-aktuell/.
Anti-Semitism is in direct contradiction to the fundamental values ​​on which our democracy is based and therefore is basically a threat to the democratic society in which all people have equal value.
Thank you for your dedication.
Michael Nordenberg
Desk Officer
Hello Michael,
Thanks for your reply.
I assume that the Foreign Minister is behind your answer.

Adolf Hitler's mother was regularly treated by a Jewish doctor, Dr Eduard Bloch. A doctor who Adolf Hitler regarded as a highly skilled and trusted physician. He was what Hitler described as an ”Edeljude”, in other words a ”noble Jew”. Hitler helped this doctor move from Austria to the United States during the war. Dr Eduard Bloch was even  protected by the Gestapo until he left the country.

Can we thus conclude that Adolf Hitler was not an anti-Semite? But this is of course an absurd notion!

What you do is what you are responsible for - at least in the Jewish world.
To build your arguments on which friends you have, as evidence of your way of thinking or acting, is really not very mature - and if this is the level that the Foreign Minister and the State Department have as a base for their decisions, then our country, Sweden, is in even more danger than I first thought when I initially wrote to you, Mrs Minister.

Anti-Semitism is changing over time. Using racial theories is not politically correct today, nor are the religious arguments Martin Luther used meaningful in this day and age - well, that's not entirely correct as replacement theological thoughts of course are no small part of the Christian world.
In Swedish society today however, it is entirely politically correct to use the same old stale anti-Semitic stereotypes but nowadays in disguise as criticism of the state of Israel. This tiny democracy in a sea of ​​dictatorships - dictatorships that have nothing in common with each other except the ambition that we Jews will again be exposed to a Holocaust during the destruction of the country we have built. This is a tragedy since Israel could function as an injection of development in the entire region in a number of areas, from medicine, nursing, irrigation, freedom of religion, protection of minority rights; for example, gay people’s self-evident right to a life on the same terms as heterosexual people, and so on.

I was in Tel-Aviv during the Pride festival last summer and watched as 150,000 participants from around the world marched through the city and fill its streets, squares and beaches with life and joy - all in harmony with us heterosexuals, permanent residents as well as tourists, without contradictions, without violence, without hate.

But to describe the state of Israel in the above terms is just not done in Sweden, especially since there is a greater value in blowing up a single religious person's attempt to murder a homosexual in Jerusalem, during the same period. The fact that this person was and is severely mentally ill and has been treated for long periods in psychiatric care and is also convicted of attempted murder in a psychotic state is, of course, ignored.
What on earth makes this newsworthy in Sweden?

Well, it is an attempt to discredit and reinforce the perception of Israel as a country where extremism is the basis for coexistence between people - not a country where people coexist and all have equal value. It is precisely this type of selective writing of what is to be lifted politically, that our foreign minister is so good at. Generalisations and reinforcement of an Israel that is based on the classic anti-Jewish stereotypes.

Or it can also be described: straining at gnats and swallowing camels.
The Foreign Ministry does not have the ability or the will to realise the modern antisemitic expressions and see its consequences, scares me. The Foreign Minister's view of Israel is absurd and completely wrong. If she were really as positive as you claim, it would be nice if she could actually show it.

The consequences of her actions result in - apart from the improbability that she actually managed to unite the whole land of Israel, both Jews and Arabs, from the extreme left to the extreme right, with her absurd statement on extrajudicial killings, while she simultaneously celebrates the Swedish police who shot the terrorist killer in Trollhättan - the hateful tone and the threats against Jews intensifies.
There are always people who are willing to convert the spoken words into action and it is these actions we must guard against.

It is with mixed feelings I have greeted and thanked the young Swedish policemen and women armed with submachine guns, that on many occasions during the past years have guarded Jewish institutions in Sweden.

I lecture as often as I can about the Holocaust and its consequences, and about my love for the state of Israel. I am ready at any moment to come to you in order to develop my thinking in these areas, thus highlighting a different perspective on the situation than the Foreign Ministry supports.

Best regards
Stefan Lindmark

This was originally posted on this blog on March 12, 2016