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Raoul Wallenberg and his opposite, Margot Wallström

Man is the only being in the universe (as far as we know) with the ability to stand outside of himself; the only creature who can chose not to follow his ego - the only living being with the ability to become like the Creator.
Raoul Wallenberg is the archetype of this and Raoul Wallenberg was Swedish and a diplomat posted in the Swedish national service.

When my son was studying in Chicago he told me that most of his fellow students  knew of Raoul Wallenberg and what he did. Raoul is an honorary citizen of the United States. The knowledge of the reason for this is part of the public view of the United States. When I was out lecturing in the schools in Sweden, on Holocaust awareness among Swedish adolescents, the knowledge about him is remarkably small, not only regarding Raoul himself, but also what he did and what he stands for.

When the Swedish ambassador to the Soviet Union in a direct meeting with the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin says about Raoul Wallenberg that, it is the Swedish government's view that it believes that Raoul died in a traffic accident on the way to Moscow - then Sweden capitulates to the dictatorship and the dictator Stalin.
As a result Raoul is probably executed in 1947 in Moscow on direct orders from Stalin.
Raoul was abandoned by his employer, the Swedish state.
Raoul was murdered in the name of consensus; political correctness, if you will.

Sweden fails him, betrays him and hereby robs Raoul Wallenberg of hope, as well as many other oppressed human beings - all this in stark contrast to the ideals that Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, stood for.
Raoul, who in 1944, when he was 32 years old, travels to Budapest to try and help the 100 000 Jews who are incarcerated there, awaiting orders for their executions, trapped in the ghetto in Budapest.

Raoul managed to do what nobody else had managed to do in Nazi-occupied Europe. He saved the lives of many Jews who were abandoned by the world - but above all, he gave them hope. He showed them that someone still cared, and cared enough to try what no one else had tried; to rescue them. To save them from certain death. It was with this hope that those who survived built their lives. This hope proved that humanity - or at least not all of it - had not forgotten about them. This hope became the platform for the survivors to stay alive, and then passed on to future generations.

Raoul is the symbol of man's goodness, and what a man can do in the name of humanity and love for his fellow human beings.

Sweden failed him. The government of the country where he was raised and where he lived and called his own, betrayed him and they silenced all criticism, knowingly and wilfully. The government forgot about Raoul. But many others didn’t. His family never did. It went so far that relatives of Raoul who fought for vindication, took their own lives in despair over the betrayal.
It is only 100 years after the birth of Raoul that we now speak openly about this betrayal. When the Swedish government in 2012 apologised for this betrayal by allowing Raoul to be executed by the dictator Josef Stalin, it's not an excuse to be credible if it doesn’t include the following:

I admit that I have done wrong.
I regret what I have done.
I promise to never do it again.
I beg for your forgivness.

When Margot Wallström now embraces Middle East dictatorships and welcomes the Iranian Foreign Minister with open arms to Sweden, she hereby shows that the apology was only words with no content.
Sweden is  once again turning its back on Raoul Wallenberg in the name of consensus, political correctness and to further her own career.

Sweden takes hope away from the oppressed Christians, homosexuals, from the oppressed women around the world and this country hereby abandons them and thereby give dictatorships free reign.
Sweden wants short-term profits and it shows clearly that we do not have a moral platform as the basis of our conduct.
Sweden shows that we, as a nation are still cowardly and submissive.
Sweden has learned nothing from its own history.
Sweden's apology is nothing but crocodile tears - and thus a further betrayal.

Let us never forget Raoul Wallenberg and let us never take away hope from the forgotten, the downtrodden, the neglected and the shunned - let us never budge in the name of consensus and political correctness, and let us never bow down before dictatorships - never mind what they may entice us with.

Margot Wallström - you are not my Foreign Minister.
Margot Wallström - you have so much to learn from Raoul Wallenberg.

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